Checkbox Tool - allows users to receive messages from your bot in Messenger
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Checkbox Tool - allows users to receive messages from your bot in Messenger

How Checkbox Tool works?

After installing and mounting on the website, the checkbox will appear as below

​​When the user ticks the "Send to Messenger" box and presses the authentication link created from the Checkbox tool, he will become a subscriber (in the Customer section of harafunnel) and receive the pre-set message flow.

How to set up:

Visit your harafunnel admin page -> Growth Tools -> New Growth Tools-> select "Checkbox" tool:

First you will install the Opt-in message- this is the message that users will receive after interacting with the checkbox you created.

Proceed to edit the message content. Under Facebook's terms, a user becomes a subscriber only when they respond to something by pressing a button or typing. You should add a button in this opt-in message section for users to click on and become a subscriber.

After editing the message, click save and return to the checkbox tool you are installing:

And switch to the setup tab and press "Install JavaScript Snippet" for the website you want to add the checkbox:

You need to add a website domain name to add chatbox to:

And switch  to the “Install JavaScript Snippet” tab to get the attached to the <head> </head> tag in the website:

Note: In case you have coded the code via the "Customer chat" tool, you can skip this step

Next is the display settings for the checkbox:

The code in the "2. Embed the Checkbox" section will place where you want to mount, such as a post on a blog or landing page, note it must be the html code.

The "3. Edit Checkbox style" section will help you customize the size, checkbox topic.

Then copy the code in "4. Embed an Action for the Opt-In" just below the embedded code code above. When customers stick and click this button, they will immediately receive the opt-in message you sent.

After finishing, press Save and Enable:

Have fun!!!

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