Everything you need to know about Messenger marketing and Facebook chatbot
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Everything you need to know about Messenger marketing and Facebook chatbot

Online marketing is getting harder and harder everyday, you are facing a lot of competitors while your customer market still does not expand quickly. Are you looking for another marketing channel where you have more sales opportunities and less cost to bring higher efficiency? Congratulations, this article is for you

Facebook Messenger is the No. 1 marketing channel in the world due to a large number of users! And if you quickly grasp this opportunity, you will easily get a competitive advantage over your opponent.

Why should you focus on Facebook channel at this stage? Just because it is the world's No. 1 marketing channel? Too general, let's take a closer look:

The communications between businesses and customers are changing dramatically

You only need to compare how you are communicating with people today compared to 5 or 10 years ago. Most people are navigating and transitioning from communicating on email, phone calls and sms to online messaging apps like Messenger.

This means that people like to communicate conveniently, instantly and always on hand, the content must be brief and extremely easy to read. Here is the statistics for you to know why there is a shift in other marketing channels to Messenger:

So, What is Messenger Marketing?

We can simply understand that you are marketing on the messenger platform. You attract new customers -> nurture them by answering questions and sending them useful content -> finally converting them into buyers.

About how it works, messenger marketing is similar to email marketing but easier and much more efficient.

High response rate

Email average open rate and average click through rate are 23% & 3,3%. Meanwhile with Messenger are 90% & 30%, much higher.

The recipient experience is more comfortable

If you are a marketer or business owner, verify by accessing your email inbox, how many emails you haven't read? Several dozen? Several hundred or several thousand unread emails? You may take a lot of time to rearrange these emails.

Imagine that your customer's email, will they see the mail you send them?

In addition, email is associated with the threat of spam and viruses. I always get a lot of unwanted emails every day, and you always fear every time you click the links in emails. So the trust factor of email marketing continues to decrease.

Also, have you ever received an email that the content has not been optimized when viewed on the phone? That means to see the full content of that email on your phone, you must use a lot of effort.

And for me, I really feel comfortable when messages on messenger, often short and easy to read.

Friendlier than SMS

So obviously email marketing is losing its position, so marketing sms?

The content of sms is very simple, just plain text, it will be very limited when you want to send photos or videos. That cost is quite high, 500-800 VND for each brand message.

Easy to personalize

Other traditional advertising channels such as TV, radio, ... are one-way communication. Meaning that businesses are interacting with you, these businesses cannot do anything to personalize the messages in those media.

But with messenger marketing, it is completely different, sending messages are easily personalized according to each customer's name, in addition customers can easily interact and respond to your business quickly.

Facebook Messenger is growing strongly

There are more than 8 billion messages monthly between users and businesses, much higher among users and users. See statistics below:

The reason why you should choose messenger marketing

And now you probably understand a bit more about Messenger marketing and why it has become such an important marketing channel. Let's dig a little deeper so you know how to use messenger channels to attract potential customers and make them real customers.

First talk about the most basic concept of messenger marketing: subscribers.

What is Subscribers?

Subscribers are people who sign up to receive messages from your Fanpage. They are people who chat with your Fanpage since installing chatbot, with harafunnel then you can understand subscriber are people who subscribe to get the messages and in the "Customer" section:

How to have more subscribers?

The first step when you do marketing on a messenger is to attract more subscribers.

Like email marketing, you must collect a list of subscribers before making marketing campaigns. With email, it is often very difficult, you have to put a form to ask for customer information (name, email, phone number, ...) on the website -> customers fill in the form and click the confirmation link in the comfirm email sent to become a subscriber.

But with Messenger, everything is a lot easier, let's take a look at ways to attract new customers on the messenger right after connecting Fanpage with harafunnel:

1. Customers send messages to your Fanpage via ads:

Do you see ads like this when you surf Facebook?

Right in the ad, there is a call to action "Send a message", if you click on that button, you will receive a feedback message which was already set up, and you will become subscribers of that Fanpage.

2. Embed chatbox on your website

When users click on that icon and start chatting with you, they will also become subscribers.

3. Use the Facebook Comment tool

Here is an example to call your potential customers to comment to receive free gifts. As soon as they comment, they will receive automatic response messages, and when they reply back -> they will become subscribers.

Beside that there are many ways you can attract more customers through the "Tools" section in harafunnel:

Don't forget to exchange more experience to make it easier to collect your subscribers on the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/harafunnel/

And when you have your subscribers, what’s next?

Of course, send messages to the subscribers you have, right? There are 2 ways to send them messages:

  1. Broadcasts: However, be careful of the content to avoid violating Facebook's policies, resulting in a blocked feature of mass messaging.
  2. Set up a sequence of messages sent automatically

In addition, you can set up auto-reply with features like keyword identification and feedback with built-in messages. And combining such automated answer strings together for user interaction is called "Chatbot".

Do not forget that you are attracting and developing your customer set on the Facebook Messenger platform, make sure to comply with their policies so that Fanpage is not blocked from mass messaging features.

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