The necessary sequences of a sales chatbot
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The necessary sequences of a sales chatbot

Sequences is a very useful function in customer service according to a personalized route. That is, each customer will receive separate messages over the time period since they interact. This helps customers no longer feel like being spammed as a mass messaging anymore, the rate of satisfied customers and the ability to close the deal higher, especially without spending too much sources to care for.

So for a chatbot to sell effectively, what care sequences are needed? Here are sequences to help you convert interested people into customers, check these out:

1. Potential customers nurturing sequence

Potential customers (Lead) are people who can buy your products in the nearest time. They just need a little interaction from you, stick with them until they're ready to buy from you.

The nurturing sequence has many forms, such as interacting with visitors with content related to visitor behavior such as interest, product viewing or pressing buttons in your messages.

With brands that build customer nurturing sequence, the number of customers willing to purchase increases by 50% (according to Getdrip).

You cannot know all of the user's behavior through their discovery and purchase, but everything is possible with chatbot.

Here is a 4-day sequences to interact with customers who are interested in the product:

Day 1: focus on the most outstanding feature of the product.

Day 2: Tell customers that your products are reliable.

Day 3: Provide discount code for customers.

Day 4: Create crowd psychology, there are many people who bought and used effectively.

2. Welcome new customers sequence

You had advertising campaigns and attracted a lot of new customers who want to try or care about your products or services. But how will these new people learn about your product when you first meet you in another insight? Why is the sequence of welcoming new customers so important?

Because these visitors will know more about the top features, the advantages that the product you have through the script. If someone is interested in a product or service, you can use chatbot to create a script to send them links to blog posts or fanpage instead of having employees interact with them. This greatly reduces the pressure for chat staff.

At least in the first message of this sequence there must always be a "Hello, nice to meet you" sentence. Statistics show that the rate of reading these messages is over 95%.

3. Promotion program sequences

If a customer is interested in your promotion, there are 2 levels when they interact with bots:

- Interested in but leave no information: in this case, please tag and create ads to target them indirectly.

- Interested in and leave information: at this time, the staff will advise to close the deal, if they still do not buy, the sequence will repeat the promotion program. The content of the sequence will talk about urgency, scarcity of promotional products on a daily basis to prompt customers to buy immediately. If after that sequence they still have not bought, run ads to market them again indirectly, do not interfere with their inbox anymore. 1 time later, maybe 1 month you can interact with them again.

4. Close the deal sequence- avoid canceling deals

There will be many sequences in this situation that you need to build content. For reasons that customers do not buy will be the corresponding sequences.

For example:

Customers have been interested in product A, but still do not buy, in addition to comparing the quality and price of products to the market, they still need to exploit more information from customers to know why they did not buy:

- Because of the high price: immediately give them a sequence to lower the price in 3 days. Sent a few hours later to let them know that the product will be discounted for 3 days; Day 2: try adding an extra 5% discount to see how they react; Day 3: Promoting promotions to 20-25%. As if you were lucky enough to receive this discount rate, quickly buy it, today is the last day, ... What percentage of promotion depends on how much you calculate the profit of the product to build sequences.

Or with the same reason of high price: staff will immediately chat with the shop's guests, the staff have 10% discount code, do you want me to order with my discount code? (This way I see a lot of shops are doing, the effect is quite high, however, it is recommended to train and exchange with the staff first, avoid losses).

- Customers are also worried about product quality: In this case, you can help customers make some other options with the same category or basic features but with some differences. Or if the product is really quality, but customers are still worried, you can sell additional warranty packages for 3, 6 months at a % price plus of that product’s cost to comfort your customers.

- High shipping price: this part will be trained for the staff to see if they can offer it to customers.

In case customers only care but do not buy, you do not know the reason. The solution is to have sequences that keep interacting with guests. For example: product introduction, outstanding features, updates, news, or trend related to products that customers have been interested in.

5. After- sales sequence

To help customers be really satisfied right after purchasing your product. Prepare the corresponding sequence to take care of and interact with guests. There are many ways to write the sequence depending on the product you sell.

For example:

If you sell cosmetics, after having the product A purchased, you can attach a sequence that includes messages to remind customers to use, preserve and combine other products.

- Day 1: Do you remember to use the product on time * to get the best results.

- Day 2: If not used regularly and on time you will be abc ... xyz ...

- Day 3: Also prompt to use product on time. For better results can be used with XXX products. 10% discount if you buy today. Or give discount codes for customers to give friends and relatives ....

- Date n: Estimate the amount of time customers spend most of your products to remind customers to buy a new one. This will be the last message in this care sequence, so your customer can buy more, for example, because you have bought X, you should buy a second X with a 10% discount.

With too many product categories, you only need to interact with guests, not necessarily send them daily messages, this is your estimate.

6. Old customer care sequence

This is also a set of customers you should build sequence to interact with them. There are cases where specific products take a long time to buy, or when they are purchased, these customers have not interacted with you in a long time. Make a sequence to take care of customers have bought it but have not interacted for a long time, 1 month, 2 months or 3 months ago. Try to turn them into loyal customers, even if they don't buy goods, but will always tell good things about you.

These are basic sequences for you to take care of customers automatically. There are many other nameless sequences still waiting for you to draw from your own customer care process. When everything is almost fully automated, you have many opportunities to take your business to a new level! Wish you a successful business!


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