6 reasons why you should be concerned about Facebook Messenger Chatbot
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6 reasons why you should be concerned about Facebook Messenger Chatbot

In the past, email marketing could be considered a true "revolution" in turning "strangers" into your customers. It works so well that almost all businesses jump into use and many businesses benefit from it.

If you are allowed to go back to the time when email marketing was considered as a king (before the time of saturation - which means when the inbox is flooded with rival advertising messages), surely you will think how to build a lot of subscribers lists. And when there are so many subscribers, the game to grow your business is easier than ever: with subscribers, businesses send emails to interact, nurture and turn those subscribers into their customers.

The opportunity does not come many times, and the person who quickly catches the things that many people DO and DO FIRST is the winner

Which crossing your mind right now is- Facebook Messenger Chatbot. Facebook Messenger Chatbot are so effective that can be considered as the world’s No.1 marketing channel.

It is the same as email marketing but much simpler. Please apply today to create advantages for your own business.

What is Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

Chatbot is a small computer program inside messaging applications like Messenger. It helps deploy and automate your marketing campaigns.

Chatbot on Messenger platform is similar to email, but they convey your marketing message in a personal and interactive 1 - 1 way like people with people.

And these are 6 reasons why you should be concerned about building a chatbot on Facebook Messenger platform:

Due to getting better results compare to email marketing and your business will grow very quickly.

#1 - A lot of people use email

Although email marketing is still active, attracting the attention of potential customers is becoming more and more difficult. Most businesses in almost all industries use email marketing with content, similar sales style. Therefore, the prospect's inbox is flooded with the same content, do you think they are bored?

And if you invest a lot in email content to get quality email templates, then the number of people who open your email is still descending. You should know that you are receiving lots of email templates, so much that your choice is simply ignore them

And are you frustrated with the results from your email marketing strategies? Fortunately, it's not only you see this, the average email open rate is 15% and only 3% of them continue to click on the link in the mail.

However, the average open rate on Facebook Messenger Chatbot is 98% and the click-through rate is up to 45%. Why is so high? Because the Facebook Messenger Chatbot is very interesting, it is new enough for not every business to use it.

Unlike email - which haunts our customers when opening up is the long content. The messages from the Facebook Messenger Chatbot are short, simple and straight to the point. This makes your potential customers feel happy and easy to interact to become the bot's subscriber.

#2 - Building a list of potential customers is much easier than Email

In order to make it easier to compare, I will describe a way to attract customers in the traditional way of email marketing (such campaigns are Lead magnet - search google for you information):

  • Users will click on your link (from SEO, AD, AFF, ...) and to the landing page
  • On the landing page, they will enter their email address into the form you have set up.
  • Click send.
  • Redirect them to a website to ask them to check their inbox.
  • Open inbox / sometimes it is in Promotion or disaster tab - SPAM.
  • Open the email.
  • Click confirm.
  • In the end, they can download your bait gift from the beginning.

Too many steps for them to get what YOU WANT!

Can you estimate how many potential customers you lost just because they didn’t want to move to the next step?

Meanwhile with Messenger Marketing, all your potential customers have to do is simply click on the button in messenger -> they become your subscribers and immediately receive your bait gift at the first message And their experience is always seamless, there is no chance for them to leave your funnel.

In addition, Messenger is an instant messaging application. Your customer file will grow very fast and quality in a short time.

#3 This is the way your customers and potential customers want to communicate

People like to use messaging applications to communicate with each other because it's faster and easier to chat with each other than email. Facebook Messenger's 1.4 billion monthly active users can prove what I have just said.

It doesn't make sense if you don't choose to communicate with your customers the way they want.

In short, customers and even us - would love to text instead of phone calls, if it is me, I will call back after a few dozen minutes, while with Messenger - I am ready to answer immediately .

#4 - Chatbot is the ideal tool to build your relationship with your customer

Unlike the way of sending a mechanical message of email when sending to a large number of recipients. Messenger is much more personalized. The messages customers receive are often short and easy to read.

With chatbot, people don't feel like they are receiving spam. Chatbot helps you easily nurture, build trust for potential customers to become your true customers.

How easy it is to measure a great customer experience when you measure conversions that are always higher than 45% and will increase even more when we invest more thoroughly. Imagine if 45% of your potential customers become customers? How great!

#5 - Chatbot is completely optimized for mobile devices

Do you often see groups of people having dinner together but everyone looks at their phone screen? And even you are like that? (and yeah me too :) ).

We all love using smartphones, and chatbot is completely optimized for mobile devices. And most people also installed Messenger apps on their phones.

#6 - You just have to only focus on one sales channel

Perhaps you are doing business in the following way:

  • Using the website, then pouring costs for Google and Facebook ads?
  • Landing page or other mechanism to collect customers information?
  • 1 system to manage all contact information for your customers?
  • 1 email marketing platform to distribute your sales content?

And so on and on ...

Chatbot turns Messenger into your only stop:

How to use Chatbot to bring efficiency to your business

Whatever business you do, sometimes you feel frustrated by the incomprehensible things: don't know how to find customers, even when you have customers take care of them is your problem ...

And chatbot makes your life much simpler. Not only do you need a marketing plan, but you can combine with some ways in Messenger Chatbot to automate the daily workflow, here are some examples for you:

  • Search for potential customers.
  • Sell.
  • Customer support.
  • Instructions for lead & Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Advisory.
  • Segment of potential customers (help you provide or sell more services, products for customers correctly).
  • Notice of schedule, time, event, ...
  • Interact with customers.
  • Affiliate marketing.

All of these things can be automated for you to do the things you love.

So now you are ready to chatbot application, join Messenger Marketing & Harafunnel Chatbot course today to quickly develop your business!

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