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Facebook Marketing

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Generate 2x leads

Auto response 24/7 your customer inbox and comment with Chatbot, never lost any potential

Reduce return, more profit

Choose right shipping couriers, never confirm wrong CoD amount, check customer history

Improve productivity

Chatbot qualified lead first. Your staffs focus on qualified leads and create order & shipment

Don't spend more, optimize first

  • Don't miss your opportunities

    Never miss out on any comments/messages or customers with an engagement management system right on the Fanpage.

    You can auto hide comment with phone number to protect buyer and prevents competitors steal your orders or negative comments.

  • Never lost your potential customers again

    You can easy to setup automation flows to collect demand of new customers, qualify them.

  • Reduce abandoned

    You can auto sent coupon/offer to potential customers who are consideration totally free via Facebook messenger (on first 24h)

Enhance your staff’s sales productivity

Enhance your staff’s sales productivity
  • Integrated with shipping couriers

    Save up to 70% of order processing time and 30% of logistics costs while maximize your customers’ shopping convenience.

  • Employee performance managing

    Always control your transparent sales operations, save time and optimize business performance.

  • Reducing cancellations

    No more out of stock orders with our real-time inventory system. No more mistakes such as wrong CoD Amount, shipping courier, address...

Cut off advertising costs by targeting the right potential customers

Cut off advertising costs by targeting the right potential customers
  • Boost up your sales automatically

    Automatically sending messages and replying to hundreds of comments in seconds with chatbot.

  • Free remarking to right customers

    You can auto sent facebook message to who interested in a certain product with our boardcast feature.

  • Remarking your customers

    You can classify customers into groups of bought, loyal, VIP, etc. for cross-selling and up-selling with our sponsor message feature.

The scalable e-Commerce platform

We have right solution for stages of your business

Easy to sell & manage your sale channels


Starting an online business.
Easily sell on Facebook, Lazada, Tiki and Shopee.


Easy to setup e-Commerce website, management multi-channels, realtime inventory.


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