Maximize your revenue from Facebook and Instagram with HaraFunnel

Increase qualified lead with automation marketing, and grow revenue through real-time conversations

First Facebook Marketing Partner in Vietnam since 2018 Haravan is one of the first Facebook partners to launch NEW MESSENGER intergrated with HaraFunnel.

Maximize your revenue from Facebook and Instagram with HaraFunnel

HaraFunnel is a conversation commerce platform that makes Conversation Commerce better

HaraFunnel is trusted by 50.000+ merchants and leading brands

Leading solution for social commerceincrease revenue, optimize ad cost & operation cost

Generate 2x leads

Generate 2x leads

Auto reply customer inbox and comment 24/7 with Chatbot. Never lose any potential customer.

Reduce return, more profit

Reduce return, more profit

Choose right shipping couriers. Never confirm wrong CoD amount. Easily manage purchase history.

Improve productivity

Use chatbot to qualify leads first. Your employees can now focus on taking care of those leads.

Never miss any opportunities.

Generate 2x leads while cutting personnel costs by 50%

Never miss any opportunities
  • Auto reply customer inbox and comment 24/7 with Chatbot. Answer customer questions in minutes, not days. Never lose any potential customer.
  • Automatically segment visitors based on what they do on your site, so you can better meet their needs
  • Remarketing effectively by sending customized messages and offers according to what customers have previously engaged in.

Optimize ads cost and boost your sales

Never miss any opportunities
  • Optimize Click to Messenger ads: respond immediately, avoid missing leads, auto collect information and customer needs for accurate consultant,...
  • Automatically classify customers into groups and design smart ad objects to target the right potential customers with 99.9% of accuracy.
  • Retain customers who have interacted in 24 hours without fee, increase sales opportunities and reduce customer churn rate.

Double your orders with
viral marketing

Double your orders with	viral marketing
  • Easily deploying referral marketing script in messenger.
  • Automatically give gifts/discount codes for successful referral.
  • Turn your customers into a sales representative to help you increase sales without advertising.

Harafunnel can empower you, not just in terms of sales and marketing, but also operation and human resource management

Growth tools

Free live chat on your website QR code for offline customer conversion Referral marketing campaign

Auto response

Automatically reply to thousands of messages and comments according to Livestream scripts, advertisements, keywords, links.

Inbox management

Centralize conversations (Inbox, comments) of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram in one place

Automation marketing

Remind abandoned customer with a 24-hour free sequence

Customer data platform

Unified omnichannel customer profiles Create customer segments to synchronize & run Facebook ads More effectively.

Employee performance report

Employee performance reports by the amount of conversations, responses, orders & sales

Coming soon

Do you want to use
Instagram direct message with HaraFunnel?

Do you want to use Instagram direct message with HaraFunnel
  • Instagram will be the new trend for online shopping in 2021 because 80% users said that they will decide whether to buy a product after browsing Instagram.
  • HaraFunnel is proud to be one of the first partners in the world to implement Instagram Direct with Facebook.

You want to get the opportunity to become a global pioneer seller? Join us!