Chatbot là gì?

What is chatbot?

Chatbot is a basic form of artificial intelligence software which operates independently according to the pre-set scenarios. Chatbot may automatically answer the question or handle the situation that is allowed. It’s opearating scope and intelligence are determined by its creator.

Let try Harafunnel’s chatbot now:

How to create a chatbot?

Only 2 minutes to go and create a chatbot with Harafunnel without any programming or coding.

You just need to connect your Fanpage with Harafunnel and customize as you like.


Check out video tutorial

Làm thế nào để tạo được chatbot ?

Explore 5 outstanding features of Harafunnel and so much more

Automatically collect and classify customer data

Automatically collect and classify customer data

Send bulk inbox to customers

24/7 auto sales and customer care

Create online & offline sales funnel easily

Create auto sales funnel

Harafunnel makes it easy to create your own sales funnel bringing potential customers from touch-channels to a 24/7 live-engagement hub right on Facebook Messenger.

Auto customer classification

Harafunnel helps you to automatically classify and store information of the customers who engaged with you through touch-channels.

Auto reply

Have the system automatically reply to and handle situations upon customers’ engagement according to your pre-set scenarios.


Take advantage of Facebook Messenger for free marketing

Reach to a customer anytime by sending bulk message on Facebook Messenger.

80% of message open rate would persuade you that this is the most-effective channel to communicate with your customers.

Just a little thing to keep in mind: instead of abusing this tool and spamming, it is recommended to classify your customers and put them into the right plans both in terms of content and timing.

Check out video tutorial

Facebook Messenger 1 Facebook Messenger 2
Send messages automatically per scenario

Send messages automatically per scenario

Now you can nurture multiple groups of potential customers right on Facebook Messenger with automated scenarios.

Based on customers’ behaviors or time set, Harafunnel will automatically send messages out, bring in ourders and let you stay at ease.

24/7 sales and customer care on Facebook

Own a 24/7 customer care which is fast, accurate and automated

- Cut off up to 50% of customer-care time and efforts while still achieve high effectiveness.

- Save human resource costs while enhance your staff’s productivity.

24/7 sales and customer care on Facebook

Experience processes of the businesses who are taking advantage of Harafunnel

The coffee House

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35,000+ Facebook Messenger Bots have been created with Harafunnel and this number is increasing day by day


harafunnel is 100% free

Không giới hạn Fanpage

Unlimited number of Fanpages

Free and unlimited. With Harafunnel, you can create chatbots for every single Fanpage without any restrictions

Không giới hạn chiến dịch gửi tin nhắn hàng loạt

Unlimited number of bulk message campaigns

Reach out for both old and potential customers in VND-0 marketing campaign with ease and no limit.

Miễn phí hoàn toàn

100% free

Enhance the effectiveness of marketing and customer care with 100%-free Harafunnel. Let’s help to share this powerful tool wit the world

About Harafunnel Pro

While Harafunnel is 100% free tool with available features, Harafunnel Pro is an advance version with special features developed based on the needs of professional and large brands which could satisfy marketing and business requirements at a high level.



What is harafunnel?

Harafunnel is a 100%-free tool helping you to create Facebook Messenger bot without any “programming or coding” skills.

Facebook merchants may take advantage of Harafunnel to create automated sales funnel, 24/7 customer care, and marketing to old customers for free.

What is Facebook Messenger Bot?

It is a system helping you to automatically reply to and send messages through Fanpages’ Messenger.

To employ this feature of Harafunnel, all you need is an active Fanpage.

What can Facebook Messenger Bot do?

Facebook Messenger Bot may help you to automatically include new customers into care plans, send them sorted content in sorted groups, set up delivery times, auto-reply content and reach to old customers for marketing at no cost.

Why should you use Harafunnel’s Facebook Messenger bot?

It is getting harder and harder to reach out for customers. Email marketing is no longer as effective as before. Digital advetising is now a battlefield of fierce competition. Facebook Messenger Bot may solve these problems by creating a dedicated communication channel between you and each of customers. It works instantly with no message missed.