Cautions when building an effective sequence
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Cautions when building an effective sequence

Sequences will easily help you archive impressive sales results. However you need to know a few issues might happen before setting up a sequences. And after finishing setting up, it’s also necessary to have indicators to follow  the efficient

Sequences is a dripping marketing campaign, sending every message until we meet the expectation results. In essence, every sequence have to reach certain KPIs

Planning before building sequences

What’s the purpose of this sequence? To interact with the customers? To show the customers how to use the products? To sell more products? Or to receive complaints? Ect.

The number of messages in each sequence: right after determining the target, determine the message sent in each sequence, usually between 2 and 5. Should not be too long because you will be hard to control.

Every message content: Design the content having the style that your staff often chat with your customers, don't be too rigid!

Set achieved targets

Specifically, in each sequence, depending on the customers file and the industry, you need to determine the following objectives:

- Reading messages rate( the more the end of the sequence, the lower the number of readers, you need to review the reason why the customer is in the sequence, why reduce to have the appropriate content adjusted).

- Click through rate.

- Conversion rate. (depending on the target you set, switch orders, or direct customers to do something).

Set sending time

Depending on the purpose and the product has different sending times. However, currently Facebook has very strict policies. You will be in violation of the policy if you send information with sales, promotions and cannot send mass messages anymore.

So for the first message you send within 24 hours when the guests interact, feel free to send the promotional message. However with the following messages in the script, make sure you do not send promotional messages directly. Please attach promotion and sales content to each button in each message, customers only receive when they click on it only:

Choose and set more accurate KPIs

Performance indicators for each message are not the same for every sequence. You must identify important indicators to show you achieve your targets.

For example, reading and click through rates on messages can be effective when your target is brand awareness. However, with sales sequences, the main indicators are click rate, conversion rate and number of orders sold.

Messages content

  • Always let customers find the option that best suits them, they will click( high CTR).
  • If they don't want to receive from you, give them that choice. Opt-out client out of bot. If they need next time they will find themselves.
  • Gender: address he and she based on gender. Guests really like this.
  • Gender preference: men will like something in your list of goods; Women will like some other things. So talk about the things you have in the way they care.
  • Name: use the name for both the surname and the name make the intimacy close and easy to sympathize with the customer. For people, their name is always the most pleasant thing to hear in the world.
  • Should use informal language often easy to create emotions and close relationships (Love you, Don't waste the youth, Thank you for choosing, You are wonderful ...). Avoid language that is too respectful in direct messages, personalize as much as possible.

Note that if for sales sequences, attach tagging action, combine with smart trigger segment to remove users from the sequences when you have achieved sales intent, avoid spamming them.

Target audience

For each sequence to be really effective, apart from the above ideas, you must aim at the right audience. You can confidently attach the sequences to the buttons to personalize the route with each customer when entering the funnel.

Or you can create and attach sequences to a range of pre-classified objects (as shown in the picture, select the "May" tag and click register to follow the script, then select the sequences you want to apply to the file with the tag.) there:


You have to know that for the first sequence, you don't have to build something perfect. You just need to know the basics. There are things that you only learn and do better when you have a lot of experience with it.

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