5 steps to complete and develop a new fanpage
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5 steps to complete and develop a new fanpage

You want to develop a fanpage? Which ways and directions would you choose?

Some of you want to quickly get results with symbolic numbers regardless of buying fanpages with high likes and followers. If you are lucky, you will get sales fanpage at an average level, the effect will be poor over time

Because most fanpages forms like that mostly grow with funny post, other interactive quotes copied from other fanpages, and the people who interact with that fanpage, are not the customers you target.

So how to build and develop a new Fanpage?

I will skip the instructions to create fanpage, naming fanpage because currently Facebook has very specific onboarding instructions. You can access the https://www.facebook.com/pages/creation/ link to create a new Fanpage.

Step 1: What is your Fanpage’s purpose?

Do you want to build a fanpage with lots of likes so that when you post your product or service information there will be known by many people? If that's true, maybe failure and depression are waiting for you in the near future. Because the natural reach ratio of posts has been greatly reduced.

There are a lot of benefits that a Facebook fanpage offers than you think. Your goal is to build a fanpage that maximizes that benefit for your brand. It could be:

+ A social channel that helps you send messages to the target audience more accurately and convincingly. Saying "more accurately" here means that you have the right to choose your message that only reaches the audience you want to target. Say "more convincing" here means you have the effective support of Facebook users themselves through their viral creation activities (like, comment or share).

+ A tool to help you build stronger relationships with the target audience through interaction and regularly exchange with them.

+ A channel to survey customers about products/ services. With Facebook fanpage, you can know the audience compliments and criticism about your products/ services in an "impartial" way and more practical way than the questionnaires with some gifts for the respondents.

+ An effective customer care channel. Many questions and feedback from customers about issues related to your products or services need to be answered, provided information by the brand itself. When combined with scripts to answer these frequently asked questions, you are easier to get all the comments you need.

Step 2: Define your own brand voice

Basically, you need to consider your Facebook fanpage as a "representative" for the brand, which has all the characteristics of the brand itself. If a brand is positioned as luxurious, high-class, you must not post on the brand's fan page, humorous image content to the point of bullshit or poor quality, even in that content you have tried "Inserted" the product image or logo. Character is expressed through words and actions, if you do differently, you are inadvertently losing your image in the public. It's like you take medicine and have side effects!

Step 3: Orientate Fanpage content

Are you ever running out of ideas on Fanpage? Or continue by taking funny content which has gone viral on other community fanpages to post on fan page "for fun". Another pity!

That's because there is no strategic orientation to create clear content right from the beginning for the fanpage. You need to avoid car wrecks by doing something different. As follows:

- You bulleted the main content you want to share on fanpage. Whatever brand is in the field, the piece of content you want to share may include:

+ Content directly related to your products/ services. For example, with a restaurant brand, you don't just talk about the food that the restaurant offers, talk more about the restaurant space, service style, the passion of serving customers, add-ons ... You need to map out such content directions to guide future content creation activities!

+ Content related indirectly to the problem that your products/ services are addressing. For example, your service is travel, you can provide information, photos of beautiful attractions, tips for preparing a family trip ... Your target audience will receive more valuable information for them.

You should evaluate accordingly to the percentage of content topics identified above. The important piece of content accounts for a larger percentage of the less important content.

With the orientation of building the fanpage content from the beginning, you will not worry about being deflected at the next stage and the content source will not run out.

Step 4: Spread the content

After Fanpage you have a decent amount of content. Please increase your fanpage likes by running Facebook like page ads and targeting the audience with the same interests and behaviors as your potential customers.

To spread the message you want to convey, you need direct and indirect ways.

+ For the direct way: means you will apply the forms to help bring content to reach more people. You need to run Facebook ads for some content that you consider important to promote it. At the same time, to help your site become known to the public and become a fan, you need to run ads to the look- a- like file.

+ For the indirect way: Specifically, you can use the target audience to deliver content to you to many other people through activities that can create stories on your news feed page. they (include share + comment + like activities). To increase share, comment, or like, in addition to the quality of the content, the way to express that content in words has a very strong impact.

Whether it is indirect or direct, you must determine in advance if you do not want the content of the page you post without any notice.

Step 5: Fanpage’s managing procession

You need to agree on the workflow as follows:

+ Detailed content plan for fanpage: the best is you plan fanpage content weekly. You can download the weekly content plan template (search for the "conversational calendar" keyword). Before each week you should complete the plan and in the week you just post the content according to the plan you have built.

+ Plan for periodic reporting: obviously you need to report to customers (if you are agency) and report to brand managers (if you are in charge of marketing on the label side). You need to determine when to report, which report form and which KPIs to report.

+ You will need to answer fans' questions about your products / services. You do not know about the information? So need to determine which department will provide information about the products/ services, who will help you with the job. Believe me you will need them to support a lot from chatbot.

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